Week 3: Group - Team, Communication, Leadership (7.8.2014)

Instructor Location: Flying from Rome, Italy back to Pittsburgh, USA, on 7.8.2014
Learning Objectives

  • Identify research-based principles of leading effective teams in organizations
EIA (4 hours each week)
  • Weekly Discussion (via VoiceThread) (1 hour)
  • Two comments on peer blogs (30 min)
  • Lecture on Teams and Groups by Professor Wendeln (22 min)
  • Lecture on Team Dynamics by Professor Melissa Thomas-Hunt (18 min)
  • Why We Collaborate (TED Radio Hour) (20 min), and links to multiple TED talks as source materials for the TED Radio Hour program
  • Measure Your Team's Success (6 min)
Assignments Due Before Next Week  Begins (8 hours of studies outside classroom) 
  • Readings:
  1. The Discipline of Teams
  2. Pfeffer and Sutton Chapter 8
  3. The New Science of Building Great Teams
Additional Resources: Feel free to use these resources to enhance your case analyses, discussion, discussions, or team assignments.

Five Tips for New Team Leaders from Harvard Business Review 

HBR Guide to Leading Teams 

HBR Guide to Making Every Meeting Matter 

HBR Guide to Project Management

Leading Like a Swan by Gill Rider, president of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (3 minutes) 

What Kind of Leader Do You Want to Be? by Rebecca Newton

Free Report on Team Building by Program on Negotiation, Harvard Law School

Free Report on Fostering Leadership by Program on Negotiation, Harvard Law School

Case Study: OB54: Kent Thiry and DaVita: Leadership Challenges in Building and Growing a Great Company. Pfeffer, Jeffrey, Stanford Graduate School of Business, 1995. [Item detail and ordering]

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