Week 6: Organizations - Human Resource Issues (7.29.2014)

Instructor Location: Pittsburgh
Learning Objectives

  • Identify principles of human-resource practices that are based on scientific research of organizational behavior
EIA (4 hours each week)
Assignments Due Before Next Week Begins (8 hours of studies outside classroom) 
  • Readings
  1. Pfeffer and Sutton Chapter 4
  2. Evidence-based HR: From fads to facts?
Additional Resources: Feel free to use these resources to enhance your case analyses, discussion, discussions, or team assignments.

Free Report on Dealing with Difficult People from Project on Negotiation, Harvard Law School

Free Report on Meeting Facilitation from Project on Negotiation, Harvard Law School

Video Collection on Human Resources from Harvard Business Review

Hewitt Associates. Talent Guardian™—Using Decision Science to Manage Risk PDF document, May 2008

Hewitt Associates. Human Capital Foresight™ Framework and Empirical Foundations PDF document, 2005

The secret ingredient in GE's talent-review system

The impact of body size on urban unemployment: Evidence from China

Society for Human Resource Management

The Simple Truth abut Gender Pay Gap by American Association of University Women

Why Amazon is Copying Zappos and Paying Employees to Quit

How much do CEOs matter? CNN Money, October 20, 2006    

Lay off the layoffs: our overreliance on downsizing is killing workers, the economy—and even the bottom line. Pfeffer, Jeffrey. Newsweek, February 15, 2010

Are Top Executives Paid Enough? An Evidence-Based Review

Why HR Practices are not evidence-based

Do you need to lighten up or toughen up? Gender differences in feedback 

Becoming an evidence-Based HR Practitioner

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