Week 5: Organizations - Culture & Change Management (7.22.2014)

Instructor Location: Pittsburgh
Learning Objectives

  • Identify research-based principles of leading effective organization change, and managing organizational culture
EIA (4 hours each week)

  •  Resistance to Change by Professor John Kotter (4 min)
  •  The Importance of Urgency by Professor John Kotter (11 min)
  •  How Do I Start to Drive Urgency in My Organization by Professor John Kotter (5 min)
  • Six Keys to Leading Positive Change by Professor Rosabeth Moss Kanter (18 min)

Assignments Due Before Next Week  Begins (8 hours of studies outside classroom) 
  • Readings
  1. Pfeffer and Sutton Chapter 3
  2. Pfeffer and Sutton Chapter 7
  3. How Google Sold Its Engineers on Management (HBR 2013)  
Additional Resources: Feel free to use these resources to enhance your case analyses, discussion, discussions, or team assignments.

Video Summary of Kotter's Eight-Step Change Model

Case Study: Creative Collaboration at Lintell Scientific. Levesque et al., Emeralg Group, 2008.

Prosci is a commercial expertise provider on change management

MindTools has a dedicated section on change management

Smart Business article about Organizational Change by Chatham MBA Professor Stephan Liozu 

Asian Leaders Value Creativity and Intuition More Than Europeans Do (HBR 2014)

What Organizations Don't Want to Know Can Hurt (New York Times 2006)  
Hofstede's Culture Compass 

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